About Us

What Holcon Associates Ltd can do for you

Michelle Roycroft is the Founder and Managing Director of Holcon Associates Ltd. Her career spans over 30 years within law enforcement services, holding positions on some of the most prestigious units in the Metropolitan Police, including working at Scotland Yard. Michelle has worked on serious organised crimes, specialising in covert situations and pro-active investigations both within the UK and internationally. Together with a team selected for their experience and professionalism we work alongside agencies throughout the UK and worldwide to bring you an excellent service.

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the confidential services that Holcon Associates Ltd provide are tailor made to suit the individual client, and include:

Discreet Investigations

Based on your brief, we will create detailed investigation plans and follow up with clear and concise reports, regularly updated throughout the investigation. Our investigative services comply with the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act, and any other relevant territorial legislation or regulations we may come across.

Internet Intelligence & Due Diligence

However robust your internet security, many organisations occasionally experience a security breach, or may have suspicions about an employee’s internet use. Using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) and other legally recognised formats, we will gather intelligence on online usage, analyse it and provide in-depth reporting We can provide enhanced due-diligence, conducting deep analysis and real time reconnaissance across mainstream social media platforms helping you to make fast time decisions on key individuals.


Once we have agreed a plan and the key objectives of the surveillance, our fully trained professionals will carry out the surveillance requirements legally, with complete discretion and integrity, and in accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) and the Human Rights Act. Our services include conventional, technical and rural surveillance and include full reporting of observations; photographic and video footage and statements.

Site Security

We can either carry out a complete site security audit and make our recommendations to you, or provide the security based on your requirements enabling you to feel safe whether you are at home or your place of work.

Threat and Risk Assessment

Whether you need your business, property or people assessed and protected, we will provide an in-depth assessment of any risks and threats, domestic or international, following up with a report of our recommendations.

Forensic Investigation and Data Analysis

Virtually all sensitive information is stored in electronic form these days, so it is essential to ensure that your data is secure. Forensic investigation analyses the data on computers and other electronic devices, determines any malicious code and finds the attacker. Our comprehensive reports are written in plain English and can be used as evidence if legal action is needed.

Brand Protection

Also known as ‘sample purchasing’, ‘trap purchasing’, ‘evidentiary test buying’ and ‘covert test purchasing’.
We operate an extensive covert infrastructure including natural cover facilities (NCF’s), enabling our investigators to conduct both evidential and non-evidential purchases across the globe.

Expert Witness Services

If you are a lawyer in need of an expert witness in a specific field that falls within the parameters of the services that Holcon Associates Ltd provides, we would be delighted to help.

VIP Close Protection Services

Protecting your employees or VIP clients is essential, especially when travelling. Whether they need protecting in large crowd situations or whilst travelling, whatever the environment, we will provide a highly experienced and professional team to suit your requirements.